Need a Fathers Day plan?

Uncategorised | 09 June, 2016

Golf lessons

Why not get your dad a golfing lesson voucher? No matter how good his swing, it’s always helpful to get a little expert advice. We offer discounted lessons to people who are already members at Windmill. Our three professional coaches are available 7 days a week, so there’s no excuse not to up your game!

The Range

Everyone needs some golfing practice, and our range vouchers let you treat your dad to a short practice game or perhaps to a free basket of balls. You could even team up and go together – who will be the ultimate champion, father or child?!

Shop vouchers

As well as our sporting activities, we also sell a range of golfing shoes, clothes, equipment and bags in our shop, providing everything you need for a great game. Our prices start from £1, so feel free to come in and have a look around. Maybe your dad will finally have to get some new, less-smelly trainers if you subtly give him a shop voucher…

Active Fun

As well as our vouchers, you can also choose to come along as a family and try one of our other outdoor activities. Aside from golf, we also offer archeryfishing and we now have a new 12 hole foot golf course which is extremely popular.

Call us on 01179 709070 or email us on to book your adventure now.