Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Rehearse Impact

Golf | 09 November, 2022


Hello golfers, welcome to this weeks tips & tricks. I hope you’re all keeping well in these wet and windy conditions we’ve been having. If you have manged to get out and play well done! You’re a lot braver than I am right now. This week I want to show you an important drill that could massively improve your striking with most of your clubs. It can be done anywhere with a golf club so next time you’re on the range give this a go.


The most important part of the golf swing is impact. This is the split second that we make contact with the golf ball. If you don’t know what you should look like at impact I’m going to show you.

Most golf swings that I see are dominated with the upper body. The arms and shoulders work too hard from the top of the backswing losing clubhead speed and control. If you can get the lower body working more and the upper body working less you can generate more power and more efficiency.

Take a look at the following video to see how we can understand impact…

Getting back to the ball in a good way is very important. Practicing this before making a backswing is a great way to understand it. Notice how the hips are turning but the chest is staying square to the target. This requires good separation between the hips and shoulders (have a look at some of my previous videos if this is something you struggle with). Naturally the shaft should start to lean forwards (with your wedges and irons). Your right foot should be starting to come off the floor and the weight shifting towards the left foot. This will create better compression and angle of attack on the golf ball sending it further and straighter more often. You should strike ball first and ground after without the hands and arms being too active.

Practice finding the impact position and then try to recreate it in a full swing. Do it slow with smaller swings to start then gradually increase the speed until you reach your full swing speed.


Understand impact. If you know what you should look like when you hit the ball its easier to find in the swing. Separating the hips from the shoulders is one of the keys to unlocking a smooth, consistent, powerful golf swing. Practice getting the hips and hands turning ahead of the ball without the shoulders and you will be impressed with the results.

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Looking forward to seeing you practice it on the range.