Matt’s Drills – Rotation & Separation

Golf | 28 February, 2024


Following on from my last piece, I wanted to share some more insight into how rotation can be broken down. Shoulder rotation and hip rotation are individual. Both of these should move in separate ways during the swing.

Sometimes this separation is labelled as “disassociation” (One of those “sexy” phrases Youtubers try to throw about). However, what does this mean and how can we implement it into our games? 

We know from my last piece, I mentioned golfers rotate too much through their hips in their back swing. Causing the shoulders and hips to remain in alignment.

If the shoulders and hips stay in alignment at the top of the backswing, there is no torque being created in muscles.

Not ideal if you want to hit the ball further! 

Let’s explore…….

In order to create torque, we have to implement a separation between the upper half and the lower half of the body.

This means that the chest and shoulders need to rotate. (The left shoulder should point down at the ball). With the chest facing away from the target.

Meanwhile…. The hips should remain as square as possible to the ball. If this is done correctly, you will feel a large stretch through the left section of your back. This is the torque being created. 

The “X Factor”

Another way of thinking about creating torque in your backswing is to imagine your looking down on your golf swing from a birds eye view.

Try and create an enormous “X” between your hip line and your shoulder line. Again, this will create a stretch in the left side of your back, therefore, creating that torsion. 

Now…in the transition phase of your swing, feel your hips rotating first. Try to fire your belt buckle towards the target.

At impact your hips should be facing your target and your shoulders should be square to the ball. 

Once again creating an “X” between your shoulder line and your hip line. 

We know from 3D analysis big hitters such as Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, Matt Fitzpatrick, Brooks Koepka, Wilco Neinaber and Cameron Champ all create an enormous angle between their hip line and shoulder line.

Some Professionals and Biomechanics experts suggest this is where golfers generate their power…I’ll let you be the judge of that. 


In short, be sure to rotate your upper half away from your target in your backswings, whilst maintaining your hips pointing at the ball. Then in your downswing, allow your hips to rotate first towards the target, whilst your shoulders return back to the ball at a square angle. 

I hope this helps you all, if you would like some more information on this, please feel free to ask me a question next time you see me. 

As always, Swing Easy!