Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Dynamic Lie Angle

Golf | 02 April, 2024


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. I hope you haven’t missed me too much during my time off! I would like to show you something this week that most people overlook in their golf swing. It can be a sneaky way of improving your start direction so pay close attention if you want to start that ball straight at the target more frequently.

Dynamic Lie Angle

So what is dynamic lie? Trackman defines it as the angle of the shaft relative to the horizon at impact. The static lie is the angle of the shaft at set up and this is then subject to change during the swing creating the dynamic lie at impact. Each club has a slightly different lie angle so the dynamic lie will change from a long iron to a wedge, for example. The example I have used is with a wedge. The static lie of a wedge is usually about 64* and therefore we would like to recreate 64* at impact. Have a look at the following video to see what happens when that dynamic lie changes…

Face Plane Tilt

A combination of loft and then dynamic lie angle can change the direction of the middle of the clubface, even though the leading edge is square to the target. That means the bottom part of the club could be aiming perfectly at the target at impact but if the shaft is too high or too low an angle, the ball will go right or left of target because of the dynamic lie.


Next time you practice, record your swing from down the line like I have. Practice swinging to the top of your backswing then stop at impact and see if your shaft is back at the same angle it started on or if its higher or lower. If your shaft is more upright your clubface will be pointing right. If the shaft is lower it will be pointing left. Practice recreating a shaft angle at impact that is desired then add it into your swing. Re-record it and see if it changes your start direction and ball flight. Face plane tilt is also more prominent in more lofted clubs. If your shaft angle changes with a wedge you are more likely to miss the flag compared to a flatter faced club.


Custom fitted clubs can play a huge part in start direction because of the dynamic lie and therefore face plane tilt, especially with wedges. If you have never had a custom fitting for irons and wedges I would highly recommend it. Loft and lie of the club are two very important factors for the ball flight and strike.

If you do record your swing and don’t like what you see or struggle with start direction come and see me and I’ll get it sorted for you!

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Catch you soon.