Josh’s Tips & Tricks: I’m a “Master Fitter”

Golf | 29 March, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. The weather still hasn’t started to improve so I have been busy getting people ready for the season. This has included lessons but has also included lots of custom fits for golf clubs. I would like to share some exciting news with you first and then give you some advice regarding custom fitting. Everybody should have their clubs custom fit so pay attention if you have never been fitted before or if you think you’re due an upgrade.

Master Fitter

Over the past two or three years at Windmill I have done progressively more custom fitting. This has meant that I have got to know the products within each brand and therefore how to get the best results for each customer.

We currently stock Taylormade, Ping, Callaway, Cobra, and Wilson. Every single brand performs really well for us but over the last few years Taylormade has come out on top. Because of the hard work myself and the team have done at Windmill I am now officially a “Master Fitter” for Taylormade. This means that we are one of the highest ranked golf facilities in the area for Taylormade.

Having this status should help to grow our reputation as a fitting centre further and hopefully means I can get more people into custom fitted clubs. It is really important to be fitted so I have attached some advice from an article below that I found interesting and could help before you get fitted.

Things To Consider Before a Custom Fit

What is your playing ability?

If you’re just starting out in golf, you may not think that a custom fitting is right for you.

However, it is crucial for players of all abilities to be using clubs that offer as much help as possible.

Players that already have a low handicap should seriously consider a custom fitting. It will help to significantly develop their game through equipment specifically tailored to their preferences, style, and performance output.

What do you prefer to use?

In this instance you need to determine how consistent you are at centre striking with the club, and the speed at which you hit the ball, while also recognising what you prefer to look down on.

Traditionally an iron with a thin top line is better looking aesthetically. This also requires a greater level of consistency to achieve the optimum performance.

Meanwhile, more forgiving clubs might not look as fantastic but they’ll better-suit more golfers.

Saying that, there really aren’t any bad-looking golf clubs these days thanks to the incredible work being done by the R&D teams.

Trying as many different shots as possible that you enjoy playing at the fitting means you can also provide the fitter with more feedback on the performance and feel of the equipment, to help them find the best option for you.

What is your shot shape like?

Telling the fitter what your shot shape is like will help them rectify any problem you may have, whether the ball is regularly hit from left to right, or vice-versa.

We all want to hit the ball as straight as possible, so by attempting to take out the left or right side of the course will help the fitter decide on the club that could specifically help with your shot shape.

Are you open to knowing you’ve might be using the wrong clubs?

Try to eliminate any preconceptions you might have about what clubs you need to be using. Fittings can uncover flaws in your game with the equipment you might previously have had.

Accept that the fitter is skilled in choosing the correct specs for your playing style. Be open to using something that is more comfortable, easier to play with, and improves your performance.

How often do you find the centre of the face?

If you’re inconsistent with hitting the ball from the centre of the club, then fitters can help by making minimal changes that could mean the difference between consistent centre ball striking.

The technology fitters have at their disposal can help them to make alterations to the length of club you need depending on your posture and stance too, which in turn will help you hit the ball in the centre more often than not.

Are you hitting the ball similar distances with different clubs?

Hitting the ball similar distances with different clubs means it’s likely that you have a gapping issue the fitter will enjoy fixing.

This relates to either not having enough speed, or enough consistency in centre striking, to hit the ball the distances it is intended for.

Consequently, be open to making the gaps within your set wider, and instead opt for clubs that will make your game more enjoyable, for example in hybrids or lower wedges.


Fitting is for everybody. I love seeing people’s results within a fit and it’s not even my golf game! I can only imagine how good it must feel seeing improvements through technology. This could be a distance gain with a driver. It could be a higher or more penetrating flight with irons. More spin, feel and control with wedges is always a good fit. Whatever you are after in your game, custom fitting is for you.

I am passionate about custom fitting and I am delighted to be recognised by one of the manufacturers. I would like to thank Taylormade for giving me the opportunity to be a master fitter for them. Also the new set of clubs and accessories will be making their way onto the course this weekend.

For more information on our custom fitting on our website CLICK HERE.

If you would like a custom fit follow the link below. Book a “Standard Fit” for a single or couple of individual clubs or wedges. Book a “Premium Fit” for a set or irons or more.


I’m already looking forward to getting your equipment ready for the season.

Catch you soon.