While the search for the perfect golf swing is a constant challenge, our experience shows every golfer can benefit from having their equipment made to measure. This can be for their physical & skill attributes to deliver improved distance, accuracy and enjoyment without a necessary commitment to a change in technique.

Our custom fitters & PGA Professionals Josh Mayo & Matt Aston are passionate about club technology & champion the benefit of custom fitted equipment. We fit in our dedicated studio with a range of TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Cleveland, & Wilson clubs available to suit every player and budget.

Technology Matters

A Must for all golfers who are serious about their game and want to play to the very best of their ability.

The Trackman 4 Dual Radar Technology enables even more data to be captured. Due to its focused, high-resolution radar beam, the TrackMan 4 launch monitor* provides the user with the greatest detail and accuracy of the club and ball at the moment of impact. The amount of detail achieved in the club delivery and ball flight is greatly superior to what is possible through Single Radar Technology.

*Individual hire is available for members only & can be booked to use in Golf Lessons

Our Custom Fitting Process

We have two different option for custom fitting, a standard fit and a premium fit. The standard fit is for an individual club custom made to fit into your current set. The premium fit is for a set of irons or multiple clubs to fit into your set, such as a set of woods or set of wedges.

For both types of fit we will ask you to fill in a Custom Fit Questionnaire prior to the session to allow more time in the fitting. The questionnaire will ask you to give details about yourself and your game to give the fitter an insight into what clubs you may require before you even start hitting balls. Please book your custom fit session and then fill in the questionnaire before arrival.

To complete your Custom Fit Questionnaire, please click HERE

Please arrive 15-30 minutes before the start of the fit to allow time for a warm up and to fill in the questionnaire if it hasn’t been completed already.

Please ensure that you bring your own equipment for two reasons. Firstly to warm up and secondly to get comparison data. It’s always good to see how much improvement is made during a custom fit session.

When you’re hitting balls in the custom fit you will be made to feel very comfortable as we know how difficult it is to hit balls with clubs that aren’t yours and with an expert watching. The fitters love to get feedback and will ask you lots of questions to ensure the clubs are perfect for you.

When the fit is complete the Trackman data can be emailed directly to you for your records.

After Sales

If we have the product you require in stock you can take it with you there and then. For anything we have to order we ask for payment upfront and give an estimated lead time. This can vary depending on the manufacturer and the product availability. We will try our best to keep you updated on the status of your custom order and then check it over when it arrives.

Non Member
Standard Custom Fit - 50 Minutes
Premium Custom Fit - 80 Minutes

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