Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Head On The Wall

Golf | 08 February, 2023


Hello golfers, I hope you have enjoyed the dry weather this week. It’s been beautiful every day here at Windmill so seeing balls flying up into the blue sky makes a nice change from the wind and rain. This week is just a simple drill you can do on the driving range or at home. It will help with keeping the head centred and will also help with body rotation. Lets get straight into it.

Head On The Wall

Take a look at the following video to see the drill…

During the golf swing we like to try and keep the head centred and rotate the shoulders around the neck. We also like to have a moderate amount of hip turn. For most people the aim is to turn the shoulders to 90* in the backswing and then the hips about half that amount. Weight should then naturally be shifting into the trail foot. This will then hopefully make it easier to rotate the hips back to face the target with the weight shifting into the front foot in the downswing.

To do this drill correctly first find good posture away from the wall. Then slowly shuffle in until the top of the head just gently rests against the wall. You don’t want to feel that the pressure is through the toes and leaning into the wall as this will not help with creating rotation. When you’re in good posture start to bring the left shoulder under the chin sending the right hand over the left shoulder. Keep the left hand where it is. When you have practised this feeling a few times then start the downswing. The downswing should be initiated by turning the hips to face the target. Try to keep the right hand and shoudlers back as long as possible when turning the hips and transferring weight into the downswing. This will help keep the club hehind the body in the swing preventing the dreaded slice. Try to get your right hand back to your left hand and repeat the process.


Keeping the head centred is important. Turning the body is important. Do both of them and you have a really good chance of hitting good golf shots. If you struggle with any of the movements demonstrated you could have physical limitations meaning you have to find other ways to get your golf swing to perform better.

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