Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Hands at Impact

Golf | 13 September, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. I hope you didn’t miss my content last week. I was attempting to play golf in 30* heat! This week we’re going to look at how the height of your golf ball can be influenced by the position of your hands at impact. Controlling the height and flight of your golf ball will give you the best chance of scoring on the course, especially in windy conditions. Lets have a look.

Hands at Impact

Take a look at the following video then we will have a look at ways you can change ball flight through hand position.

Trail hand under

As the body turns to face the target the hands will be approaching the line of the ball. If your trail hand (right hand as a right handed golfer) goes under the left through impact you will be adding loft to the club. This will make the ball go high without a great amount of compression losing distance. It can also cause ground first contact and strikes low on the clubface.

Trail hand over

If the right hand stays over the left and the shaft leans towards the target loft will be taken from the club resulting in a low ball flight. Usually a high ball flight is quite desirable so this can soon become a problem, especially with longer club. Longer clubs with less loft are harder to hit. When the loft is taken from them the ball is even harder to control. This swing fault with a driver can be very destructive and result in very varied ball flights.

Right palm to target

Next time you practice, try to get your right palm towards the target at impact. If you want the ball to go higher try to allow the right hand to go under the left. If you want it to go lower try the opposite. Try to film yourself next time you are at the range to try and identify what your hands are doing through impact.


Your hands are the only point of contact with the club. Your hands will directly influence the flight of the golf ball so getting a good feeling of what the hands are doing can really help you develop as a golfer.

If you would like some help controlling your ball flight you know where I am.


Catch you soon.