Josh’s Tips & Tricks: G430 Iron Testing

Golf | 11 January, 2023


Hello golfers. I hope you’re keeping well and haven’t drowned on the golf course in this terrible weather. We are all hoping that the weather changes soon so we can get on a golf course but before then we can still put our time to good use.

We have lots of new products for 2023 and lots of the demo kit has already arrived before the launch dates. The first ones to get to us have been the Ping G430s so Joe Harvey and myself put them to the test. Joe has recently taken an interest in custom fitting and will hopefully be availbe for fittings very soon. Trying out the new kit is a great way to understand the product and helps a fitter understand what the different clubs and shafts are supposed to do.

We tested the new G430 head with 3 different shafts to see the difference in launch conditions. Here is what we found…

G430 Testing

Take a quick look at the following video to see the kind of things we tested:

We used a brand new G430 with a red colour code (1* flat), standard length, and three different shafts.

Alta Quick 35

The first shaft we tested was the brand new Alta Quick 35. This is now one of the lightest shafts on the whole market and will be great for players with a slower swing speed. We were mainly focusing on the launch angle, spin and dispersion. As we expected, this shaft gave the highest launch and spin. Too much for Joe. He said that the end of the shaft felt very soft and therefore found it very difficult to control because his swing speed was too fast for the shaft to keep up.

AWT Regular

The next shaft was the stock steel shaft that Ping use. It is a mid launch and mid spin shaft. The results showed this on testing. The dispersion was better because it was heavier and Joe could feel more control. It was still too soft, launched too high, and had too much spin. This shaft would be good for a lot of club golfers with average launch conditions.

Project X 6.0

The final shaft was a stiff Project X 6.0. This is a similar weight to what Joe normally uses so we were expecting better results. The ball launched lower, had less spin, and travelled the furthest through the air. He felt like he had the most control with it and had the most consistent results.


The G430 is not the correct type of head for Joe because hitting a 7 iron 184 yards is possibly too far. What a terrible problem to have!? It’s a game improvement iron to help people improve and progress in the game, Joe has already been through that stage so now needs forged clubs for improved feel.

Getting the correct head design, shaft, length, lie angle, and grip are only a few factors that need to be considered when getting new clubs. The more of these boxes you tick, the higher the chance of performing to your potential.

I’m really excited about new products in 2023 and I hope you are too!

If you would like to try out the new products book a custom fit by CLICKING HERE NOW.

See you soon.