Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Best Irons Under £550

Golf | 07 June, 2023


Hello golfers. Welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. A product review this week for irons. We are going to look at a set of irons that have been repositioned on price and are possibly the best value for money irons i’ve ever seen. They are powerful, forgiving, look good, and are fully custom fitable!

Lets take a look.

Callaway Rogue ST Irons

These irons were released in 2022 as Callaway’s main game improvement iron. They have strong lofts, quite a lot of offset, and a lot of forgiveness behind the face. Originally they were around £700-£800 but have now been dropped in price because of the new product launch in the Paradym. I tested a few out and here were the results…

I was very impressed mainly with the ball speed. The ball absolutely flies off the clubface! For most golfers getting the ball to come off the clubface with more speed is extremely beneficial Getting the ball to launch in the air quicker is also very desirable. These clubs are designed to do both of those things. Personally I don’t need to see the ball travel 194 yards through the air but if you would like to see your irons go further, more powerful and forgiving irons could be a good idea.

I put a 105g stiff shaft in a standard lie head. The offset of the head helped to turn the clubface, acting almost as an anti-right shot. This for most golfers is again desirable as most golfers spin the ball off to the right. Again I don’t really need this in my game as I am more liekly to miss left so I had to start the ball more to the right to allow the ball to spin left onto the target.

These clubs are fully custom fitable which means the actual amount of clubs you have, the lie angle, the loft, the shaft, and the grip can all be selected without any upcharges (there are upcharges on some premium shafts and grips).

Product Details

Callaway had a particularly tough job on their hands to try and improve on the outgoing range of Mavrik irons as they provided exceptional performance and were universally well received by club golfers the world over. With the release of the Rogue ST family of irons though, it is fair to say that Callaway have once again excelled themselves and produced irons that deliver out of this world performance with a new refined and sleek aesthetic.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max irons are their latest game improvement iron and will suit a broad cross section of handicaps with an appealing midsize head that is packed to the brim with the latest in club technology. They are an ideal choice for the golfer that is looking for incredible speed, forgiveness and strong all-round iron performance. The Rogue ST Max irons have plenty of bag appeal, with the classic aesthetic of the brushed chrome beautifully offset by the Black Rogue ST insert in the back of the head.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max iron really comes to life when you strike the ball, providing high launch characteristics with mid to low spin that can only serve to increase the distance of your iron shots. Callaway have designed this fantastic iron to ensure that the descent angle will be steep enough to allow your approach shots to easily hold the green.

Artificial Intelligence has once again been used in the design of the new Rogue family of irons and it uses an optimisation formula that is different for each model, to optimise spin, launch and crucially, descent angle. The Rogue ST Max irons also benefit from Precision Tungsten Weighting with 59g of tungsten being used to optimise the centre of gravity – 250% more than used in the Mavrik irons. This huge advancement in technology provides optimal launch throughout the set and increased ball speed with every iron despite lofts that are one degree weaker than the Mavrik irons they are replacing.

Callaway’s patented Urethane Microspheres have once again been strategically deployed behind the clubface and serve to improve feel and reduce unwanted and unpleasant vibrations. The microspheres now run up to the sixth groove, covering a larger area than ever before and gives the Rogue ST Max a wonderful feel through the strike.

The Callaway Rogue ST Max iron produces the most ball speed and overall distance in the new family of Rogue irons and will allow you to high towering iron shots that were previously only a pipe dream. If you are looking for a new set of irons to take your golf game to the next level, then the Callaway ST Max Irons would be a superb choice. Industry leading performance and killer looks makes the ST Max a must have iron this season.

Features at a glance

Attractive Midsize Game Improvement Iron
Provides Industry Leading Performance
Hollow Body Construction
Extremely Long & Forgiving
Urethane Microspheres Provide Exceptional Feel
Increased & Controllable Ball Speeds


These clubs cost £549 for a 6 iron set. Thats £91.50 per club. You can have as many or as little clubs as you like so the set could be 5-PW or 6-AW for example. For the price they are unbelievable value for money. I have lots of other clubs to try at the mid-low price point so if you’re in the market for new clubs and would like to be custom fitted CLICK HERE TO BOOK A FITTING NOW. A Premium fit is the time required to fit properly for irons so get yourself booked in now, it really could change your game!

Catch you soon,