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Golf | 14 November, 2023


On too many occasions do I witness amateur golfers swing for the hills with all their clubs. Whether this is on the driving range, when I’m walking past, or, when I’m out playing golf. 

Here are a couple of tips for you to help build better scores and become more consistent with you game;

Tip 1

Swing aggressively at Conservative targets. Personally, I have first hand experience in this with my own game. I would say that my course management is the strongest part of my game. This is down to being able to swing aggressively at conservative targets. For example, a bunker might be at 265 yards to carry from the tee. This is in my landing zone with a driver. Instead of hitting a driver and risking going into the bunker. Or even hitting a 3 wood and chasing into the bunker. My play is to take my 2 iron and swing aggressively at my target (committing to the shot). This allows me to swing freely as my 2 iron at max distance will go 250 yards. 

Tip 2

Play to the yardage at the back of the green. The majority of amateur golfers don’t know how far they hit the ball. Carry distance is more important than total distance. Therefore play to the yardage at the back of the green. With this tactic it allows you to have a little insurance if you misstrike the shot and need to carry a hazard. 


Pop into the shop or feel free to let me know how these 2 simples tips have impacted your game, when I walk past yourself on the range.

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Many thanks & swing easy!

Matt Aston