Josh’s Tips & Tricks: To Line or not to line?

Golf / News | 07 January, 2021

To Line or not to line?

Hello fellow golfers,

Another lockdown has hit us meaning no golf for the unforeseeable future but worry not, i’ll be here to help guide you through lockdown with some golfing tips  from my own front room/garden. 

This week we are back on my putting mat in the front room. I have recently purchased a number of different tools to help line up my golf ball on the putting green and I would like to share my thoughts on putting with you. 

Growing up playing golf I never used to line up my ball with the desired start line because I wasn’t confident that I could trust the way I had lay the ball on the floor. This however changed when I lost confidence from very short range. 

I now use a single black line which matches up nicely with the black line on my putter (yes, my putter is  supposed to be rusty!) and I can trust how I lay the ball on the ground after lots of practice. 

If you have never used a line on your ball, during this lockdown you could practice your aim with the putter  using a line on your ball. I would recommend getting a tool to help with this so you don’t end up with a wobbly line before you start! 

Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons to both using a line and not. If you put a line on your ball try to trust that line and make sure then that you focus on the pace of the putt. Try to hit some putts where the ball rolls end over end along the line, this will demonstrate that you have hit a straight putt with no sidespin! 

If you are purely focusing on feel, don’t use a line and try to work out a style for yourself that gets the ball in the hole. You could even try closing your eyes or looking at the hole when you putt to develop a rhythmm and the all important “touch” required for holing putts. 

If anyone would like any support, golf or otherwise, during these testing times please feel free to get in touch with us at Windmill.

I will be more than happy to answer any question you may have or just have a general catch up. 

Stay safe,