Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Welcome Another Pro

Golf | 31 October, 2023


Hello golfers. Welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. Short and sweet this week. I would firstly like to introduce you to one of my oldest golfing friends who has now joined us as an additional PGA Professional. We had a little competition and I wanted to let you know you can do the same through the winter months to improve your game and keep you sharp.

Matt Aston

My good friend Matt Aston has joined us here at Windmill Leisure. He is going to be helping around the shop as well as teaching and fitting. I have known Matt for over 15 years and is one of the most approachable and knowledgeable people I know, not only in golf but across many other areas. Matt turned pro a few years ago and still plays to a very high standard on the region.

If you get a chance when you next pop in come and say hello. He’s really keen to meet everyone and wants to get stuck straight into both teaching and fitting.

Trackman Games

Matt and I had a little game of nearest the pin to get him settled in down in the custom fit studio. We had a best of 3 nearest the pins from about 100 yards. It’s fair to say hes much more match fit than I am. He hit it within a few feet several times beating me 3-0! I’m quite happy to admit defeat on this one as he has had a busy playing season and I only played in one event.

It did however inspire me to practice a little more and was a good way of focusing. You can do the same thing with your mates through the winter months if you want to be more productive with your practice. Trackman can be hired for only £15 so if you split that between two people it’s only £7.50 each for very specific and detailed feedback on your practice.

Healthy competition should always be promoted. I grew up competing with Matt as juniors and we will continue to have these challenges to help sharpen both our games. Our other work colleagues Joe Harvey and Will Rawlins have been doing very similar things in their practice sessions over the last few weeks. All of these guys are very talented golfers and if it helps them practice surely it will help you too.


Make your practice productive. If you hire Trackman you can get accurate yardages and have some healthy competition. Also come and say hello to Matt! He wants to chat with all of you and will get lots of opportunity over the next few weeks as he jumps in with some of my roll-ups and lessons.

To book Trackman CLICK HERE

To book a lesson with myself or Matt CLICK HERE

Catch you soon.