Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Wedge Gapping

Golf | 24 October, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. This week I wanted to bring your attention to distance control and potential ways to help get the ball to travel the correct distance more frequently. Having the correct type of wedge and the correct loft on that wedge could help you go pin seeking more often. Let’s take a look.


In my opinion wedge fitting is pretty much the most important fit in the bag. These are your scoring clubs and will save you (or cost you) lots of shots around the greens. Wedges are designed to have a certain amount of loft and a certain amount of bounce on the sole of the club. These help with certain swing types on different ground conditions. We’re not necessarily looking at the bounce this week but more about the lofts.

Take a look at the following photo taken from Trackman.

I used 5 different lofts, all with the same swing feeling. The feeling of swing I used was a 3/4 or hands to shoulders swing so not a full blooded swing. Controlling the length of swing and tempo with wedges is one of the keys to consistent striking and distance control. Here’s how the numbers turned out:

58* – 70 – 73 yards

56* – 75 – 79 yards

54* – 86 – 90 yards

52* – 94 – 98 yards

50* – 100 – 102 yards

Notice how the distance very gradually increases with the same swing. I personally have 58*, 54*, 50*, 46*. Roughly 4* loft gaps will give 15 – 20 yards. If you have loft gaps in your bag greater than 4* you might have distances that you can’t easily hit on the course.


Check your loft gaps. Renting Trackman on our range and then checking what your lofts are on your wedges can improve your short game. Your wedges should be changed almost every year depending on how often you play. If you haven’t had a wedge fitting I would highly recommend getting one. We have some great fitting kit for each of the brands we offer.

If you would like to book a fit or would like a lesson click the link below.


Catch you soon.