Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Watch yourself improve

Golf | 18 March, 2021


Hello Golfers,

It’s only a few more weeks now (if you’re in England) until golf courses and driving ranges open back up. I have been busy preparing the custom fit studio unpacking all of the 2021 products and have also managed to try them out in the process.

If you have been following my weekly updates you would have seen my chipping tips with the new Taylormade Hi-Toe Raw wedges. I loved it so much I decided to use it again for this weeks video to show you how to improve your pitching.

I have kept you up to date with all of my training aids I have purchased over the last few months and this weeks could be the most crucial of all. These videos were filmed using my new tripod and I would like to encourage you to do the same. I’m going to show you some of the common symptoms I see with pitching and I’m going to teach you how to diagnose issues on your own.

Film your swing

I use my tripod when I’m practicing alone and look back at the videos to try and give myself a lesson. A lot of you will will be reading this saying “well you’re a professional you should know what you’re looking for”. Yes this is the case however if you have a lesson at Windmill you will have video feedback with notes attached from the CoachNow app. These videos and notes should give you enough information to help yourself improve without me holding your hand. I love coaching my clients but I also love it when they show some initiative and work on their technique alone.

Improve your pitching

Distance control with a wedge is one of the hardest but most crucial skills in golf. Achieving a consistent strike is key to this and is one of the most common lessons I give. Improving your strokes gained in pitching should see your scores lower significantly and like I said previously, knowing and seeing the flaws in technique can help you improve it. Now lets watch some videos to see if they are familiar.

Issue 1

The first problem I see with people’s pitching is a breakdown of the structure between the body and the wrists from a good set up. This video shows how the clubhead overtakes the hands through impact. This significantly increases the dynamic loft on the clubface meaning the ball will go higher and shorter than desired. This also exposes the leading edge (the bottom) of the club meaning that there is a higher risk of that dreaded thin through the back of the green. It can also lead to the club digging into the ground too early and chunking the shot.

Issue 2

The next issue I would like to draw your attention to is the way set up can effect the in swing dynamics. I see lots of people set up with the ball too far back and the weight too far forward with the hands pushed forward also. For a pitch shot we’re trying to get the ball nice and high with some spin to control it so putting the ball back in the stance isn’t really the best choice. What people then try to do is scoop the ball in the air by leaning back and again exposing the leading edge or digging the club into the ground too soon. From what I see on a daily basis, this is the most common cause of fat and thin pitch shots. Watch how my spine leans away from the target through impact.

Fixing the issues

Pitching should be one of the easiest parts of the game because the target is not far away from you and you don’t need to make a huge powerful swing however it causes the most problems. One way to improve the strike and control the distance is to keep the hands and clubhead connected.

I have placed a ball between my left toe and the ball I’m hitting about a foot closer to the target. As I hit through the shot I was trying to keep the structure between my shoulders, arms, hands and clubhead working them towards the target. I was trying to extend my hands over the guide ball so the hands were ahead of the ball at impact. Watch how my chest turns over the ball towards the target and my hips finish facing the target. Watch how my weight has transferred and my spine has finished tall towards the target.


If you get yourself a tripod you can film yourself and see if any of these are occurring in your swing. Try to get a tripod that comes to at least chest height as this is the best height to film the golf swing. Download the FREE CoachNow app through their website HERE or find it on your app store.

Get yourself booked in for a lesson as soon as we open on the 29th, I cant wait to see you all there.

Stay safe,