Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Time to use Trackman!

Golf | 29 June, 2022


Hello golfers. Welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. This week I would once again like you to make the most of your practice. As i’m writing this it is currently thrashing it down with rain so getting on a golf course is very unlikely. Therefore we need to be on the range honing in our skills. One way to do a better job of that is to use launch monitors. Trackman is definitely not being used enough by you guys as customers so I would like to let you know how it could improve your practice.

Trackman Uses


One way that we can improve the quality of practice and learn more about the shots we hit is to test ourselves. The Trackman test center is great because there are numerous different tests you can complete. If you did the free game assessment with me during the winter you would remember the 30 shot test. This was a mixture of all different types of shots but some of the test are more specific.

The test I quickly completed for the photos below was the 60-120. This means that the yardage is a random number between 60 yards and 120 yards. You then get a score based on the proximity to the hole. If your objective when you set out for the range that day was to improve your wedges then this is the perfect way to see how good you are. This test was only 15 shots so you could get a bucket of 50 balls and complete it 3 times, trying to improve your score each time. This way of practicing gets you a lot closer to real golf on a course, improving the quality of your practice.


If you are working on certain aspects of your swing and want to see your optimal ball flight then the normal practice mode is what you need to use. I mainly use this when I fit and when I teach. It shows people how certain numbers can be improved to improve ball flight. If you have used it in a lesson with me you will know how beneficial it can be. It can also be used just to get yardages for all of your clubs. This is also very beneficial because you need to know how far you are hitting it to give yourself a chance of hitting it close to the pins.

Play courses

A more “fun” way to practice is to play some of the worlds best courses here on the driving range at Windmill. Like I said at the start, I’m writing this staring at the pouring rain so today would be a great way to “play golf” on the range. This can be done on your own or in a group.

Special Offer

To help you guys get the most out of your practice we have discounted the rental of Trackman for a limited time. The special offer we have is to add Trackman to your practice for up to an hour for only £15! If you would like to book please let us know in advance by calling the shop, popping in, or sending an email.


Overall, your practice can always be better. I don’t always practice with Trackman but it definitely does help with making practice more interesting. The tests are fun. The practice mode is very beneficial. The courses are brilliant.

If you would like any guidance with using Trackman I will more than happily spend some time with you to help get the most out of your practice.

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