Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Trax Performance

Footgolf / Golf | 02 August, 2022


Hello golfers. welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. I hope you’re having a good season and have made the most of the dry, firm ground conditions. Scoring is definitely easier when the ball is running further down the fairway so hopefully you have made the most of it.

This week I would like to have another look at strength and conditioning. I know I go on about it a fair bit but it’s so important in the development of your golf game. We now have Trax Performance on site so we have a fully functioning gym with expert personal trainers and physios. George has kindly demonstrated a few exercises that can really help your golf game so lets take a look.

Trax Performance

Take a look at the following video to see the exercises and then we can discuss how the exercises will improve your game.


Exercise 1 – Stabilising the core is crucial in golf, as being able to separate and control different body parts. This first exercise will help you maintain balance and control your core stability. It will also help you isolate different muscle groups.

Exercise 2 – This will open up and stretch out the hip flexors and back. The golf swing is a rotational movement around the spine so rotation around it is very important. The hip flexors are also put through lots of strain in the swing so waking those up is going to help you swing it better.

Exercise 3 – Stretching out the hamstrings will allow you to find better posture. Tight hamstrings often mean that people can’t get enough pelvic tilt and end up sitting down in posture. This sets off a chain reaction of compensation in the golf swing.

Exercise 4 – This is a great exercise for again creating rotation around the spine. Also leaning further over in posture like this could help with maintaining dynamic posture during the swing. Lots of people stand up taller during the swing which causes issues with ball striking.

Physical and Technical Improvements

Improving physically is only going to improve your golf game. Warming up will prevent injury and improve performance. Training just a few times a week will make the golf swing feel easier and make the technical requirements easier to perform.

I am going to be working together with Trax boys to help my players improve at a faster rate. If you are interested in gym membership or personal training sessions check out their website by CLICKING HERE.

They are also going to be launching an “Athlete Development Programme” for juniors aged between 12-16 so if you know someone that would be interested in this give them a shout. This is not exclusively for golf and is for any young athlete looking to improve their strength and fitness within their sport.


Physical improvements help your golf. Having a gym on site is absolutely amazing and I am now training in the gym to improve my own game. The Trax boys (Steve & George) are here to help and would love it if you came to pop your head in to have a look around.

I can help you identify areas of weakness in your golf swing and suggest physical ways to improve. If you would like some help with your golf swing and want me to take a look then BOOK A LESSON HERE.

See you soon!