Josh’s Tips & Tricks: This Home Practice Drill Works!

Fitness / Golf | 28 January, 2021

Hello lovely people.

I hope you’re all coping well in these testing times. Did you get a chance to check out Dr Golf’s YouTube channel last week? If not, take a look and have a go at some of his workouts HERE. I promise you, you’ll feel great once you have completed them and they’ll benefit your golf when we can play again. 

This week I would just like to guide you through a simple drill that can really help with understanding where your hands should go and how your body should turn into the backswing, It can be done with a golf club (or anything else similar lying around the house) and takes a matter of seconds to complete.

Repetition of this could give you a much better understanding of how to move in the golf swing. The aim is to understand how the body should rotate to get into a backswing, understand which direction the lead arm should move to get to the top of the backswing and understand how to maintain width with both arms.

This is great for people who struggle with rotation in their swing through the hips or back and also people who get a breakdown of their arms or wrists to get to a “full backswing”. 

So lets get started… 

1) Hold the golf club out in front of you at waist height with a normal grip. relax the arms.

2) Rotate the golf club to face “away from the target” (right for a right hander and left for a left hander) keeping the hands at waist height and the shaft parallel to the floor. 

3) Split the hands apart to about a hips width then align the left hand with the left hip and the right hand with the right hip. At this pont you should have one hand on top of the shaft and one hand under it. 

4) Tilt forward into a neutral golf posture with a soft bend of the knees. Let the arms hang under the chin. 

5) Start to swing the golf club as far as you can, getting the left hand starting to turn over the right shoulder (for a right hander). Use your body to rotate and try to feel the width of the right hand. You should start to feel a pull through your body, this is you using your spine to rotate. 

6) Slide the hand that is on the shaft to meet the hand on the grip and retake a normal hold. Try to turn a little bit further to get to full rotation, maintaining the width with the shaft parallel to the floor and target. This position that you have found is more than likely an improvement on where you are usually. It definitely is for me!!

In Summary

I hope this helps and I would love to see you all giving this a go when we’re back on the driving range at Windmill. Use a mirror to help you with this if you can. This will give you much better feedback between how it feels and what it should look like. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all, hopefully sooner rather than later! 

Cheers and stay safe,