Josh’s Tips & Tricks: The Knockdown Shot

Golf | 06 July, 2022


Hello golfers. We’re due a heatwave so you know what that means… more golf! This week I would like to add another type of shot to your bag. It’s a really important shot to have and when you have practiced it you will find you use it a lot. The knockdown shot is not a full shot and should make it easier to control the ball flight. It comes out a bit lower than normal with a solid ball first contact. It’s good in windy conditions and also when you feel the swing is getting out of control under pressure. It can also be used to play under obstacles, such as trees or when you need to run it towards the flag at the back of the green with a pitch shot. Lets learn to play it.

The Knockdown Shot

Firstly watch the following video to see what a knockdown shot looks like.

Set up

First of all look at the set up. In a normal shot the ball position with this 8 iron is central and the weight is distributed 50/50. For a knockdown shot the weight is favoring the left side 60/40 and the ball position is slight towards the back of the stance. This encourages a descending blow with a ball first contact. I also slightly close the clubface for this shot because the hands don’t rotate at full speed and the back ball position moves the swing path inside (right). If you find the shot is coming up short of the target you can club up. If you are then on the course and in between clubs you can choose the longer one and play this shot.


Notice with a full swing how the shaft goes over the right shoulder in the backswing and finishes behind the head in the follow through. With a knockdown shot the swing is shorter, smoother and more controlled. It feels like a 3/4 shot in both the backswing and follow through. This does take a bit of speed from the swing and therefore lowers the spin. This makes it very useful when playing into the wind because the ball won’t spin up and stall therefore travelling a further distance. It will also stop the wind hitting it so much in a crosswind so you don’t have to compensate and rely on the wind too much. Don’t get lazy when playing this shot. Even though it’s a shorter swing you still have to turn the body and commit to it. This is why it takes practice on the range.

Club Selection

Like I just said previously it can be worth clubbing up to a longer club when playing this shot to make sure it gets there, most golfers miss the green short with iron shots because of the strike or club selection. If the danger on the hole is long then playing to the front of the green is sensible but if there is danger short of the green make sure to always take the longer club if you’re in between clubs.


Knowing how far you hit the shot compared to a normal shot can be very useful. Try it on the course when it’s quiet. Hit a normal shot from the fairway and then take one more club and play a knockdown shot. See where they both end up for distance (make sure you replace your divots!).

If you would like to practice this shot on the range and know for certain how far the ball is going then now is the perfect time. Use Trackman in your practice and get a full report sent to you so you can see all the shots you hit after your practice session. With our special July promo you can add Trackman to your practice session for ONLY £15! To secure it please book in advance but if you are down at Windmill and it’s available you can just get stuck in.


The knockdown shot is very useful. Whenever you watch the pros on TV and they’re not making a full follow through is because they’re playing a knockdown shot to control the ball flight and the spin. Practice it. Learn to use it. See you scores improve.

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Catch you soon.