Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Take Note

Golf | 19 April, 2022


Hello golfers and welcome to my tips & tricks. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break (if you had one) and managed to get some games or practice under your belt. This week I would like to give you something very basic that could really improve your development. I have decided to enter a few events this year and this is something I’m going to be doing regularly when I practice.

Take Notes

If you have had an individual lesson with me you will know that I use an app for video analysis and leave notes at the end to summarise what we worked on. I do the exact same thing when I practice. I decide what I’m going to work on and then put it into notes when I have a feeling that works. During some sneaky practice over the last few weeks I have found some key notes that work for me. You need to find what works for you and then when you have it make a note of it! It could be on the notes section of your mobile phone or you could get a little notepad and keep it in your golf bag. If you don’t take note the likelihood is you will forget by the time you get on the course or back on the range.

I have attached a photo of my notes on my phone for what I’ve been working on the last week or two.

Only One

When you are practicing make sure that you work on them in isolation. Try not to have any more than one swing thought at any time. Hit some balls with one feeling and when you have that, then move onto the next one. If you try having more than one swing thought your brain will not be able to process it possibly causing a minor meltdown.

CoachNow App

If you would like to keep all your notes in the same place on the app I use for coaching follow the link below and download it for free. It’s called CoachNow and allows you to add lots of media (swing videos) as well as notes. Some of the players I coach add lots of their own videos and notes. These are usually the ones that develop lots quicker than the ones that don’t!



Practice should be about learning. If you are not learning from your practice then what is the point? If you make notes on your practice you will develop lots quicker! Store all of your notes in the same place and go back to them if things aren’t going well. You might find something that you worked on before that helps.

If you would like me to help you find the correct swing thoughts for yourself BOOK A LESSON HERE NOW

See you soon!