Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Swing Trainer

Golf | 23 May, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. I hope you have been enjoying the nice weather and remembered to put your suncream on! I’ve already burnt during my first game of golf in the sun. This week I want to show you how I use my swing trainer to help people understand their body movements and the momentum of the clubhead. Lets get straight into it.

Swing Trainer

Some of you may have already seen my swing trainer in action. It’s based on the Explanar and helps people understand the direction the club should be moving during the swing. Instead of using the heavy rollers that go on the explanar I simply use a tempo trainer. This is a weight on the end of a wobbly shaft and helps to feel where the weight of the clubhead is during the swing. Take a look at the photo of the Explanar below and then take a look at the video of how to possibly use it.

Swing Trainer – Video


So how can we get this swing trainer to help us? Lots of people I see daily say how good their practice swing is and then panic when the ball is in front of them. Well, the more that your body moves the club on plane and the better rhythm you practice swinging the club with, the more likely it is to become repeatable with a ball in the way.

Lots of people struggle for timing and rhythm in the golf swing. Notice in the video how my hips turn to create rhythm. Turning through the lower body and transferring weight makes the golf swing lots more reliable and powerful. By turning the hips and shoulders the club should simply follow. If you find it hard to create clubhead speed in the golf swing it’s likely you’re not rotating the hips quickly enough in the downswing or not letting the clubhead accellerate past the body enough. Lots of people try to hit the ball from the top of the backswing with the upper body. This often causes poor ball striking and the dreaded slice. The downswing should start with weight transfer into the lead foot and rotation of the hips to face the target. The club can then swing freely and accellerate through the back of the ball.

Next time your practice (even without the swing trainer) try to create rhythm starting with small swings and gradually building it up. Remember to start that downswing with the hips turning towards the target. If you don’t own a tempo trainer they can be really useful for practice and warming up.


Work on rhythm and timing to help keep the clubhead moving in the right direction. If the timing goes, it’s likely the club will not move in the right direction and the strike will also be compromised. Tempo trainers and my swing trainer also help with this. Turn your shoulders and hips freely to allow the clubhead to accellerate through the back of the ball.

If you struggle with strike or start direction and would like to have a lesson using the swing trainer you can BOOK A LESSON HERE.

Finally a BIG thanks to the member that built the swing trainer for me. If you read this you know who you are. Also a shout out to the member who broke the leg of the first swing trainer. You know who you are too!

Catch you soon.