Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Swing It Fast!

Fitness / Golf | 20 February, 2024


Hello golfers. Welcome to this weeks tips & tricks. I’m going to keep this really short and sweet so let’s jump straight in to it…

Clubhead Speed

A very hot topic amongst golf right now is distance and clubhead speed. Basically the faster you can swing it, the further you can hit it. The further you can hit it, the easier it becomes to score. Myself, Joe Harvey, Will Rawlins, and Matt Aston all tried to swing it as fast as we could. Take a look at the following video to see how we got on…

All four of us have completely different golf swings and are all trying to achieve different things in our game. I have basically retired from competing professionally whereas these guys are just getting started. Joe competes full time, Matt has a busy playing scedule for the season as a professional and Will has a bust schedule as an amateur. All four of us have potential for clubhead speed which has helped all of us get to the stages we are at.

The results were suprising, well for me anyway! I have been trying to get fitter and stronger all winter. A combination of gym work and yoga as well as teaching the golf swing has actually let me to a clubhead speed PB! I have never achieved faster than 120 mph clubhead speed however when we were messing around I managed to reach 124! I have seen Will get to this number before however in this competition he came up short. Matt hit almost every fairway with his 114 mph clubhead speed and Joe consistantly carried it over 285 yards showing his overall skill level.


Don’t be scared to swing it as fast as you can. Train your body to know what it feels like to create maximum speed. The faster your fastest swing gets, the faster your verage swing will be. Be competitive with your friends and rent Trackman for only £15 to get accurate clubhead speed numbers.

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Keep swinging it faster!

Catch you soon,