Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Stay Back With Driver

Golf | 04 July, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. This week we’re going to look at hitting longer, straighter drives. There is a very common mistake that I see in driver lessons and it could be causing you inconsistencies with the big stick. Let’s have a look what it is and how we can improve it.

Driver Sway

Take a look at the following video and then we will discuss the fault.

I very often see people set up with ball position closer to the lead foot with driver but then force the middle of the body back in line with the ball. If your ball position is forward of centre, the middle of the body should be slightly behind the ball. This will mean the hands are in line with or slightly behind the ball also. This will help to hit up and through the back of the ball through impact. Hitting more up on the ball with driver can launch it in the air quicker potentially generating more accuracy and distance. If you hit the driver too much like an iron and hit down you are risking a few things. You’re risking the ball hitting high on the clubface and presenting little loft. The ball with either go very high and not far or very low.


Practice by putting something against the left side. Try to keep the hands and left shoulder from swaying too far towards the target in the downswing. You still want to unwind the hips fast to generate maximum power but feel like the left hip turns behind the body over the left heel. Practice getting back to the ball slowly without finishing the swing. You will be looking at the back of the ball more than the top of the ball if you are staying behind it.


Driver is the only club in the bag that’s hit off a really high tee to maximise distance. It’s the only club in the bag you want to hit a little bit up on so it should feel slightly different to all the other clubs. Practice with a driver takes patience and should probably be a completely different practice session to irons and wedges.

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Catch you soon.