Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Simple Chipping

Golf | 29 August, 2023


Hello golfers. Welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. Back to basics with chipping this week. I do lots of chipping lessons and see lots of different techniques. These have varying outcomes and different levels of reliability. I would like to show you a chipping technique the works for almost everyone and gives the highest margin for error. If you struggle with chipping at all pay close attention!

Simple Chipping

Like I said I see lots of different chipping techniques. Sometimes one person can have a load of different theories and methods which can make execution on the course lots more difficult. Most people could benefit from having one type of stock shot and then practice getting really good at it. This following technique could help you. Take a look at the following video for some common faults and then have a look at the technique and checkpoints to hit a standard chip shot with a bit of loft.


From the face on view the most common faults I see are leaning the shaft too far forward at set up. This will dig the leading edge into the ground and will not allow the bounce on the bottom of the club to work correctly. It also takes loft from the club decreasing the amount of height on the ball. Another face on fault is scopping or flicking with the wrists. Creating a hinge through the wrists through impact presents the bottom of the club through impact leading to thinned shots shooting through the back of the green.

From down the line I often see people stood too far away from the ball with chip shots. Your sand/lob wedge is your shortest club (other than your putter) so you will be closer to the ball then any other club. With this technique you will also be stood slightly closer to the ball again. Being too far away will potentially lead to the heel of the club getting caught in the rough tangling up the clubface and slowing it down through impact causing varying strikes.

Key Points

Follow this checklist and watch your chipping improve:

  • Feet inside a shoulders width
  • Ball position central (or a ball closer to the back foot)
  • Shaft through the midline
  • Slight lean into the front foot (shaft goes with your spine)
  • Eyes almost over the ball
  • Shaft angle slightly higher (Heel up/Toe down)

When it comes to technique try to keep the clubhead moving straight back and straight through. If the club goes too far behind the body in both directions the chance of a good strike drops. You can use sticks on the floor to help with this. As the club drops into the downswing make sure to get some turn over the front foot with the hips and chest. This will keep the momentum of the clubhead through the grass. Finish facing the target withthe torso, even for the small shots. Trust me, it helps.

Club selection

In my bag I have 50*/54*/58* loft. For this type of shot you want to use as much loft as you feel comfortable with. You want to try and use more loft than a pitching wedge (roughly 45*) to help with initial launch. Some people don’t like using as much loft as a lob wedge (60*) and that’s absolutely fine. I have never carried more than 58* loft and can comfortably make the ball go high and stop around the greens.

If you struggle with chipping and would like me to take a look then CLICK HERE TO BOOK A LESSON NOW.

Catch you soon!