Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Putting Set Up

Golf | 21 March, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. Lighter nights are upon us and therefore 9 holes after work are a possibility. The warmer weather should mean that the grass will grow a little more which is ideal for getting greens more consistent with speed. This week we are going to look at putting set up so you can have something to rely on when you get back on the course over the next few weeks. Lets take a look.

Putting Set up

Most putts are decided before the putter even starts moving. Approach and set up are very important and should be practised a lot. Watch the following video to see how you should set up with a putter in hand and then we will look at how it makes a difference.

Shaft Through Forearms

Wehn putting we don’t want a great deal of wrist action like we do in the full swing. We don’t want lots of tension but we do want some structure. Having the shaft run through the forearms means the wrist angles are more set in place and shouldn’t move about too much.

Elbows Into Body

Having the elbows connected to the body means the shoulders can swing more freely. We want to get the shoulders rocking so the putter acts like a pendulum. Having the elbows connected to the body should encourage more lean over the ball so the top of the head is pretty much flat. It will also encourage the line of the shoulders and elbows to be parallel to the target creating a strighter club path through the back of the ball, hopefully starting the ball on the target line.

Common Errors

There are some very common errors I see with putting. For example I see people stood very similar to a normal shot and not in a specific way for putting. I also often see the shoulder line open (left for right hander) sending the club in the wrong direction. Holding the club in the same way as a full shot can also be a problem. Have a look at some of my previous blogs for information on putter grips.


Putting is a game within a game. The dynamics of putting are completely different to a full swing. Hold it and set up to it in a more specific way. Having a routine getting into this set up will help to build confidence over the season.

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