Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Putting Lines

Golf | 06 September, 2022


Hello golfers, welcome to this weeks tips & tricks. I haven’t done putting in a few weeks so i’m going to give you some advice that could completely transform your game on the greens. This is something that I check in every putting lesson and has already helped lots of golfers. It’s really simple and easy to practice so lets get started.

Putting Mirror

The most important piece of teaching equipment that I use is a putting mirror. They can be picked up for as little as £10-£15 and should be in everyone’s practice bag. A putting mirror is used to help check a person’s head position over the ball at set up. It can also be used to help with alignment when setting up to a putt. Some mirrors are bigger or smaller than others but all aim to do the same thing; check eye position over the ball and alignment. Take a look at some of the options available online.

Eye Line

The way that your eyes are positioned over the ball will influence how you see the putt. When your eyes are straight over the ball you should be able to see a straight line between your ball and the hole (on a flat putt). If your eyes are too far over the ball the likelihood is that the hole will look to the right so the line of your putt will look left. It’s then the opposite if your eyes are inside the line of the ball.

Take a look at the following video to get an idea of what we are on about.

You can try this out for yourself. When you are next practicing your putting place a tee or a ball perfectly in a straight line between the ball and hole. Then when you stand over the ball move your head outside of the ball (away from the body) and then inside of the ball (closer to the body). Look out of the corner of the left eye (for a right handed golfer) as you do this and watch the tee move from side to side.

Using a mirror will help find the perfect eye position over the ball. This in turn can help you trust the putt as you stand over it. Putting is all about trust and confidence therefore seeing the putt in the correct way can build confidence.


Get your eyes over the ball. To check this, get a putting mirror. Practice on the putting green, in your living room, on our putting mat on the driving range. Trusting good set up with putting is half of the battle. Seeing a straight line towards the hole and imagining the ball rolling on that line could really transform your game.

This is a topic very close to me as I have struggled with putting confidence over the years. This year has been my best putting year to date, partly because of that set up and trust within that set up.

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I’m looking forward to helping you hole more putts already.