Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Putt To Nowhere

Golf | 19 April, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this weeks tips & tricks. With the greens drying out we can look at some more putting drills to improve your scores on the greens. This week shows a good way to get the pace of the greens when you rock up to a course. The greens have been slow and wet but with the summer coming the greens are going to start drying out and speeding up so getting the pace early is critical.

Putt To Nowhere

Have a look at the following short video and then we will look at how putting to nowhere can improve your game.


Get On The Putting Green

When you get to a golf course you should always spend some time on the putting green. For most people almost half of their shots on the course are wasted on greens. Most people struggle to find the speed of the greens on that day so learning to roll the ball close from any distance will save you shots.

When people do go onto a green they usually grab a few balls and putt all of them from the same spot to the same hole. They might go close, they might go in, they might not. What did they learn from this? That they can hit it harder or softer based on the previous putt. You only get one go on the course so in my opinion that’s a waste of time!

Lets switch up the approach here. Try to find a straight, flat putt that is NOT to a hole and try this…

Make some smooth, rhythmical practice strokes of about a medium length. A reference of this for me is length of stroke about the width of my feet. Once you feel comfortable with that rhythm hit a ball. See where it ends up. Where that ball finished is how far that length of stroke with your tempo will go on that day. Try to replicate exactly the same feeling from the same place and the ball should end up pretty close to the first one. Try to do the same thing with a smaller length of swing and a bigger length of swing and see where the ball ends up. When you’re then on the course and have a flat putt of that length you will have a “feel” for the putt. If a putt is uphill you make a slightly bigger stroke, if it’s downhill you make a smaller stroke.


Putting to nowhere really changed my ideas of putting. It’s something I do if I feel my putting stroke has got tight and tense. There is no pressure on it and can help to relax the stroke letting the putter swing freely. It also really helps to keep your head down after hitting a putt because you’re not to keen to see if it’s gone in the hole. Overall it is great to learn the speed of greens, frees up the natural rhythm of the stroke and helps keep the head down.

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See you soon.