Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Pregnancy Yoga

Fitness / Golf | 30 January, 2024


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. For those of you that didn’t know my wife and I are expecting our first child in less than a month. She has been absolutely amazing throughout and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Why am I telling you this and how will it help your golf? Take a look below and I’ll let you know…


Soph has been struggling with back and pelvic pain and the only thing that has helped is yoga. I have been joining in with her pregnancy yoga and I have learned loads. I occassionally see my chiropractor and he has said how much better shape my body is in since I’ve been doing yoga. Almost every part of my body feels more mobile when I have done yoga so wanted to share with you some of the movements I have learned to try and inspire you to try it for yourselves. Take a look at the following video and then we can talk yoga and golf.


One of the most important things to focus on when doing yoga is breathing. Focusing on your breathing helps with relaxation and also means you can stretch further. This can come in very useful on a golf course. If you feel yourself getting excited because you have a good score going or if you’re having a meltdown because of a bad score, breath. Getting good at breathing can keep you present and “in the zone” when things are going well. It’s funny how you can be stretching and then realise that you’re holding your breath! This doesn’t help with the tension so It’s important to continually monitor breathing.


Some of the movements I have demonstrated are good for us golfers. They involve moving around the neck, spine, hips and legs. The main areas which need to be mobile if you’re going to execute a powerful and efficient golf swing. Creating a greater range of motion around these body parts will make the golf swing feel easier to produce and replicate. If you feel tight in any of these areas on a day to day basis, likelihood is your golf swing will suffer.


The yoga sessions that I do last between 15-30 minutes. I try to do them at least a couple of times a week alongside gym work. Even if you only did one session a week It’s likely to improve your movements, breathing and overall well being. I always feel very relaxed after a yoga session and any anxiety has gone during that time. I am not a yoga instructor and not qualified to teach it however I can send you to go and find exercises on YouTube or privately in the local community.

I highly recommend it, whether you’re pregnant or not, and will be continuing it for the unforseeable future. It is likely to improve your golf swing and will help with focus on the course.

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Catch you soon.