Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Practice Alignment

Golf | 12 December, 2023


Hello golfers. Welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. I wanted to do a reminder on alignment as it always seems to crop up in lessons. Here is an easy way to understand and practice alignment when you’re on the driving range. When you have practiced it enough you will be able to replicate it on the course. Practice it now and you will be ready for the better weather in the Spring.

Practice Alignment

Take a look at the following video and then i’ll explain how you should be checking your alignment in your practice.

Because we are stood away from the ball at set up, the clubface and your eyes see two different things. In the video you can see the white flag is almost directly behind the pink noodle from the clubface angle. This angle is completely different from the line of your body and therefore eyes.

When you practice put lines parallel to the ball to target line. Then put an intermediate marker between the ball and the target. This could be a ball or a headcover. I used the stick and noodle for a clear demonstration.

When you are set up with straight, parallel lines you can train your eyes to see the ball to target line. Practice drawing a line from the ball to the target and back again. This will tell your brain to trust what the clubface sees and not what your eyes see. The more you practice this to different targets with different clubs the more your brain and body will trust it on the course without alignment tools.


You need to practice your alignment. Even the best players in the world practice with alignment tools. Through the cold, dark, wet winter months come to the driving range and get good at aiming. This will make you more confident by the time the season comes.

If you struggle with alignment and would like some help you can CLICK HERE TO BOOK A LESSON NOW.

Catch you soon.