Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Pause In Swing

Golf | 07 December, 2021


Hello golfers. I hope this wonderful British weather isn’t putting you off your golf! This week I would like to show you some things you can practice on the driving range that will help you understand your swing better. Breaking down the swing through the winter months is crucial. If you make the important swing changes now you can just go and play golf with minimal swing thoughts when the spring finally comes.

Pause In Swing

Lots of the people I teach struggle to understand what needs to move at what time in the swing. This relates to the hands, the clubhead, and the rest of the body. Moving the club and body with good timing is crucial to a well controlled golf swing.

This week try breaking down the backswing at different stages so you know that you are hitting key positions. It will also help you to feel and understand some timing and rhythm.

Step 1

Pause when the club gets parallel with the floor. Try to set the clubface 90* to the floor with the shaft parallel to the target. I see lots of people lose control of the clubface and shaft this early in the swing and therefore the rest of the swing is then compensating for these errors. Complete the swing from this position. You are effectively starting the swing from the parallel position.

Step 2

When you can find a good swing from that position work it all the way to the top of the backswing and pause. Try to get the shaft parallel to the target and over the trail shoulder. Lots of people lose timing at the top of the backswing and rush the downswing. Giving yourself time at the top can help the body to lead and then the arms to catch up. This is the secret to good timing and ball striking.

Take a look at the video for some examples.


Finding good timing and good positions with both the body and club are not easy. If you break down the sequence on the driving range now you will be a better golfer by the Spring. The overall aim is to find good timing and understand what moves when. Do not try to hit it as far as you can when doing this. You should hit it far enough with good timing.

If you struggle with your timing and would like some help book a lesson HERE

See you soon,