Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Paradym Driver Testing

Golf | 14 November, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. We went to see the 2024 Callaway products this week. What a treat we are in for next year! The products look amazing so I’m really excited to fit them. We were talking all things technology in drivers and it got me thinking about how different products are supposed to help golfers. I tested the three different Paradym heads to see how the ball flight and results changed. Having a driver that maximises distance and fairway hits significantly helps with the scoring statistics. Here are the results…

Paradym Drivers

There are three different heads in the current Paradym Range. They are the standard model, the max D, and the triple diamond.The standard is what it says it is. The max D is the draw biased “anti slice” model. The triple diamond is the lower spinning most fade biased model. All three serve a purpose for a particular type of golfer.

I did testing with 10.5* heads. A HZRDUS silver 60g stiff shaft. The neutral setting in the hosel and sliding weight bar. Here are the results…


As anticipated the max D driver missed more left side of the fairway. The standard head stayed quite neutral. The triple diamond head design missed more right. The triple diamond travelled the furthest in total with the least amount of spin and lowest launch angle. The standard head travelled the shortest distance but hit the most fairways.

The good news about all of these heads is they are adjustable. The triple diamond has two weights in the sole of the club. Switching these around can change the launch angle and spin rates. The standard head has a weight track at the back to help with draw/fade bias. All three heads have adjustablity in the sleeve for loft and lie angle to help change the launch and start direction.

Overall Performance

I will be honest and say I haven’t done a great amount of Driver testing with the Paradym this year. Overall I was extremely impressed! The looks are premium, the feel from the face is amazing and the custom fitting options mean every golfer can be catered for.

If I was fitting myself I would have the triple diamond head with slightly less loft. I would adjust the hosel to draw and switch the weights in the sole for more forgiveness. I like hitting the ball a long way so the head with the most ball speed appeals to me the most.

The Paradym will be reaching the end of its life cyle at the start of 2024 so we will be starting to clear out the current stock starting in the Black Novemeber Sale which is currently live! Get yourself custom fitted now and get a bargain before the Christmas rush.


Technology in golf clubs helps with performance. Fact. If you have a certain shot with a driver that you don’t like seeing, custom fitted products can help. Changing the head design alone can influence launch, spin, direction, and distance. Obviously techique and lessons can help with hitting longer, straighter drives but maybe a new, fitted driver could be the answer.

If you would like to book a lesson or custom fit click the link below.


Catch you soon.