Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Organise Your Bag

Golf | 03 May, 2023


Hello golfers. Welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. Something very easy, and in my opinion, very important this week and it doesn’t even require you to leave your house (as long as your clubs are there).

I am rather particular about the places my clubs go in my golf bag. If someone takes them out to look at them and then puts them back in the wrong place it really irritates me. When I’m playing golf I don’t want to be panicking because I can’t find a club. I want to go straight to it. That’s why they always live in the same place. Another big reason is to protect the shafts on the clubs. If the short irons are too close to the woods they will rub against the graphite damaging them.

Some of you carry, some of you use push or electric trolleys, some of you ride a buggy. Let’s have a look how organising your bag could clear your mind, save you time on the course, and protect your clubs.

How To Arrange Your Bag


This rule is straightforward, if not always followed: If you carry your clubs, they should be organized from longest to shortest, top to bottom. The exception is your putter, which should live at the top among the other head-covered clubs. 

This orientation prevents the shorter clubs from hitting the graphite shafts of your longer clubs. This is a recurring theme for golf-club organization: easy access while preventing potential damage to your graphite shafts.


The carry-bag philosophy also applies to trolleys, because the main goal of organizing your clubs should be for easy access and to prevent possible damage.

Whether you are using a bag with 14 dividers or four, having everything sit top to bottom, longest to shortest, will make access way easier.

Ride On Buggy

This is where things get confusing, because if you typically walk, there is no reason to reconfigure your bag for the occasional riding round. But if you use a cart bag, then everything you just saw is going to be kind of in reverse.

Because cart bags are intentionally designed to offer access to all the pockets and your clubs when strapped to a “buggy,” you want to place your longest to shortest clubs from back to front. In most cases, cart bags are sloped to help keep clubs facing in the same direction and to keep shorter clubs away from the graphite shafts of woods and hybrids. This is to avoid damage and wear over time, especially in a cart where your toys can be tossed about.


Organising your bag seems like a silly topic but for me it’s really important. I personally like having a clear work space and struggle to operate in chaos. Therefore making sure my golf bag is clean and organised is important to me. Take some time to clear out your bag and organise your clubs now before the season starts and make it an objective to keep it clean and organised. Trust me, you will feel better when you have.

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