Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Lofted Chip Shots

Golf | 18 July, 2023


Hello golfers, I hope you have all booked yourself a golf holiday following last week’s newsletter! This week we are looking at chip shots again because this time of year a spend a lot of time getting players more confident around the greens. Lets have a look.

Lofted Chip Shots

Take a look at the following video to see the best way of playing a lofted chip shot.

A common mistake I see when it comes to lofted chip shots is taking the club too low and around the body to start the backswing. If we have a lofted club and want to get the ball up in the air, the club needs to slide under the ball. I personally try to encourage people to take the club away from the body with a slightly earlier wrist cock when playing high shots. This will then make it easier to get the club to drop down under the ball.

Lots of people try to (subconsciously) lift the ball in the air around the green. This causes fat and thin strikes and can be a major confidence killer. If you do struggle with this try to feel that the club goes up and outside the line to start the backswing (away from the line in the video not under it). When youre in a backswing position practice holding it for a second or two then let gravity take over. Make sure that the weight is shifting through the lead foot as the club drops. This will allow the club to slide down and under the ball. The combination of loft on the face and bounce on the sole of the club will pop the ball up in the air quickly.


This type of shot is a slightly higher risk shot than a chip and run but can be very beneficial on the course. It takes practice and patience. Try varying the tempo and make some swings that are very slow and smooth. These shots are finesse and control shots and don’t require a lot of physical effort but do require mental effort and trust. When you practice put something behind you, like in the video, so you’re not dragging the club low and around your bum.


A lofted chip shot can save you many shots on the course. Feeling the weight of the clubhead can be a really important feeling in the swing when chipping. Practice having a smooth tempo with soft hands and watch that ball land soft next to the hole more frequently.

If you need some help with your chipping you know where I am.


Catch you soon.