Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Let’s Stay Connected

Golf | 07 April, 2021


Hello golfers, 

I hope you have enjoyed your first few weeks back playing golf and hitting balls on the driving range. We have loved seeing you back at Windmill and I have really enjoyed helping you all with your golf again!

This week we’re going to look at how we want the arms to function in the golf swing. There are lots of moving parts in the golf swing and the arms are part of this. Getting it correct will lead to better ball striking and better control of the clubface.

Lets have a look at some of the common faults I see and then a training aid I use to correct them. 

Arms Disconnected in the swing 

These next two videos show swings with the arms separating in the swing. The elbows move further apart in the backswing and you can see a “chicken wing” in the follow through. Notice how the body doesn’t turn making it easier to thrash the arms at the ball. 

Arms Connected in the swing

The next two videos are swings using the Tour Striker training aid. This is an inflatable ball that hangs around the neck and rests between the forearms. This encourages connection between the arms. If the connection is lost the ball is released.

Notice in these videos  how my body has to turn away from the target in the backswing and towards the target through impact and the follow through. Turning the body through impact will dramatically improve ball striking and control the angle and loft of the clubface. 

Put it into practice

If you don’t have a tour striker as a training aid a good alternative is an inflatable air football. This will act in the same way as the Tour Striker and will help encourage you to keep your elbows closer together throughout the swing. If you don’t stay connected the ball will drop!

Give it a go at home or on the driving range and let me know how you get on!

If you struggle with ball striking and think this could be the cause get yourself booked in for a lesson. We can check on the video to see where the cause is and use some trianing aids to help encourage better feelings. 

Hope to see you all in the coming weeks.