Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Lead Elbow Position

Golf | 13 April, 2022


Hello golfers, happy Easter! I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and hopefully get a chance to play some golf. This week I would like to look at a swing dynamic that can help the slicers and get you to understand clubface rotation a bit better. Lets get straight into it.

Lead Elbow

Every day I see people who don’t really know how their arms operate during the golf swing, especially at and after impact. If you use this simple feeling you can really change your ball flight and understand how to control the clubface a little bit better. Take a look at the following video to see what I mean.

Lots of people try to hit at the ball and the lead elbow continues to face out high and towards the target. The dreaded chicken wing. This means the clubface has remained open often causing a high slice. This loses distance and can cause major frustration.


To improve the lead elbow position through impact and to square up the clubface try grabbing the top of the left arm and feel as though the left elbow continues to face down. The clubhead will continue to rotate around the body and the lead wrist will also face to the floor after impact. With this feeling you will release the clubhead more effectively improving the chance of a good strike and a square to target clubface. Try to make some three quarter swing to start then add it to a full swing.


Try to understand some of the individual body movements in the swing. If you can control individual body parts and understand the impact on ball flight your game will improve. Practice is all about getting an understanding and improving good habits. When you get this feeling you can almost guarantee there will be no more slices and no more chicken wings.

If any of this sounds familiar or you would like some advice on what you need to improve BOOK A LESSON HERE.

See you soon.