Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Keep the Loft

Golf | 08 March, 2023


Hello golfers. A cold one this week! Snow has made golf slightly more difficult (unless you use yellow balls) but the range practice can continue. This week we are going to look at a simple check you can make to see how the clubface is working through impact. Lets have a look.

Clubface Angles

Checking the angle of your clubface after impact, half way through your follow through, can give you good feedback about the shot. Also thinking about how the clubface finishes can help you to play different shots, especially changing the height.

Open Clubface

Having the clubface pointing to the sky half way through the follow through means the loft has remained on the club through impact. The ball is likely to go much higher (with a good strike) and possibly off to the right. This is a great feeling for playing delicate shots around the green over obstacles. Doing this with a lofted club is an easy way to play a higher flop shot.

Square Clubface

Having the clubface 90* to the floor post impact suggests a neutral position. This is how I teach people to finish if they would like a natural release pattern with some body rotation. This would give a mid height flight and a straighter ball flight. Practicing getting in this position can help to control the clubface and prevent any tension of holding the face open for too long or flipping the hands to close the clubface too much.

Closed Clubface

Having the clubface past 90* and pointing more to the floor post impact would suggest a lower, left ball flight. The clubface angle is closed and could be useful for keeping the ball flight lower or spinning it left around obstacles.


These clubface angles and ball flights are all subject to a good strike. Having good awareness of the clubface angles through the back of the ball and post impact can give you much better control of the ball flight. If I want to hit it high with a wedge, I try and keep the face pointing to the sky. If I want to hit it lower with a longer iron, I try to keep the face pointing to the floor.

Practice getting the club in each of these positions after contact with the ball and see if it helps you control the ball flight. You can practice playing delicate shots on the mill with an open clubface. You can practice hitting low, left shots on the range with a mid to long iron. Finally, you can practice normal iron shots on the range with a neutral clubface.

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