Josh’s Tips & Tricks: It Doesn’t Always Go To Plan…

Golf | 08 November, 2021


Hello followers, welcome to this weeks tips & tricks. This week is a bit more about me sharing my own personal reflection and how it could relate to you. I am actually playing an event Friday for the first time since the start of COVID. As many of you know I don’t get a chance to get out and play much anymore because I’m helping you guys with your golf on a full time basis. If I did have more time I would love to play more but unfortunately as many of you know life just gets in the way. The content this week is actually about my preparation for my upcoming event and how it could sound familiar.


In preparation for my upcoming event I put together a small practice plan. I had certain days for the gym to physically prepare my body for the event. I then had other days for the driving range when I was fully dedicated to technical improvements.

The point that I want to make this week is that practice is hard. I did a gym session on Thursday last week and then practiced on the Friday. Obviously my muscles were sore and tight and therefore I had one of the worst range sessions I have ever had. I filmed my swing and didn’t like what I was seeing. The ball flight wasn’t what I wanted and I was getting gradually more and more frustrated. I then wanted to hit more balls to correct what I was seeing but this just made it worse as I got more fatigued.

I know this happens to all of you reading this and I want to tell you this is okay! This is all part of the learning process and skill acquisition. Some days our body’s just don’t want to do what we’re telling it to do because we’re human. What you have to do is learn from it and understand how you can make it better next time. This is what I did.


The video attached was filmed on Monday after resting over the weekend. I went to the gym in the morning and did a light session, then came straight to the driving range. Then I gave myself a bit of a lesson based on the errors from the previous week and consequently had one of the best range sessions I’ve ever had. I was hitting the ball further and straighter and everything felt more controlled.

Having a good practice session gave me a massive confidence boost and I know you have all had the same feeling at some point. This could have come in a lesson or in your own practice sessions. It could have been on the course when everything just “clicked”. The overall aim of this sport is to enjoy it hopefully progressively improve your score. Some days you will enjoy it more than others and some days your scores will be better. You can’t play well all the time and you can’t hit the ball well every time you practice.


Golf is hard! I teach this sport for a living and love every single minute of it. I struggle to get motivated to practice and play sometimes like you guys but you have to take the good with the bad. If you’re going through a rough patch go back to basics or have a lesson. There will be days when you say to yourself “I’ve got this” and other days when you say “What a stupid game” but you have to learn to enjoy them all. The weather is getting worse meaning only the most committed golfers go out to play so it’s a great opportunity to grind on the range. Improve technically like I have been doing and stay motivated. Don’t let one or a few bad shots get you down, there is always tomorrow!

If you need any help with anything you know where I am.





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