Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Improve Putter Striking

Golf | 21 December, 2021


Seasons greetings ladies and gents and welcome to this weeks tips & tricks. Firstly I would like to start by thanking all of you for your support this year. It has been very difficult for all of us but it has been great to see you all honing in your skills on the range. Thanks to everyone that attended my roll-up classes, had individual lessons, brought their kids to junior coaching, or just had a chat on the range with me. Coming to “work” everyday is made easier by you guys and I can’t thank you enough for that.

This week I would like to revisit putting because I haven’t covered it in a while and this is something you can practice over the Christmas period in the comfort of your front room. It’s a very simple and easy tip to practice ball striking with a putter.

Coin Behind Ball

Lots of people underestimate the importance of ball striking with a putter. Anywhere but the middle of the face will effect the speed and spin of the ball. Starting the ball on the desired target line with the correct amount of speed and topspin will help with distance control. This will hopefully therefore increase the chances of holing putts and if you miss it will be lots closer to the hole.

Set up as normal but leave your coin or ball marker behind the ball. When hitting through the back of the ball try to keep the putter off the ground and miss the coin. This will help hit up on the ball creating topspin and prevent hitting the ground at impact. As the grass is longer in the winter there is a slightly higher chance of hitting the ground when putting.

Watch the Video Below for an example

Before you all start making comments this is not my putter! This Callaway Tuttle is probably almost as old as me but as you can see it does the job. Putting is very individual and the putter used is also very much down to the individual.

Creating a pure roll on the golf ball as soon as possible will really help with your putting. If you don’t get the ball rolling it can skid off the surface impacting the distance that the ball travels. If you’re on a carpet practicing at home try to hit as many balls as you can within a very tight location with good line and speed. When you then get back on the course you will find distance control much easier.


Don’t neglect your putting stroke! Practicing your putting and improving technically is as important as working on your swing. Practice with a coin behind the ball to hit the middle of the face and ball. Creating topspin on the ball will help with distance control therefore increasing the chances of holing putts.

Once again thanks for your support this year and thanks for reading my tips & tricks. I’m already looking forward to helping you all with your golf in 2022.