Josh’s Tips & Tricks: How Much Hip Turn?

Fitness / Golf | 05 January, 2023


Hello golfers! Happy New Year to you all. I hope you enjoyed the festive break and got lots of golfing goodies. If you new years resolution is to play more golf and get better at golf I will have plenty more advice for you in 2023 in my newsletter content, my roll-up lessons and of course in 1-to-1 lessons.

This week I want to show you how you can create a good amount of hip turn and shoulder turn. Lets get straight into it and have a look, watch the following video to see how we can create a good turn of the body.

Body Rotation

In the video watch how I start to turn my shoulders over a stable lower body. When my shoulders won’t turn any more, the hips then turn with the shoulders away from the target. We don’t want everything turning at the same rate, we want some separation. If your hips go too early you could make it more difficult to get your hips back through to the target in the downswing. Same outcome if you don’t turn the shoulders and hips enough into the backswing.

The amount of separation between the hips and shoulders will be different for each person depending on their physical ability. On the tour the hips don’t turn as much as 45* but the shoulders will turn at least 90*. This creates a lot of energy stored in the body. Those guys can do that because they have conditioned their bodies very well. Most club golfers should be aiming for about half the amount of hip turn compared to shoulder turn in the backswing.


Turn your shoulders then your hips into the backswing. Doing it without a golf club will help create the feeling required. Do it slowly and in front of a mirror. This way you can see the body working in the correct way. If this is somehting you struggle with then do it lots, your body will slowly get more mobile and you will find the movements easier. When you have done it without a club do it with a club but do it really slowly to start.

If you have physical limitations, bad back, neck, hips, shoulders, there are ways around this. I have wroked with lots of people who have had sporting injuries, arthritis, etc so have found ways of helping them with the movements required in their swing.

If this is something that you struggle with or would like some help with then CLICK HERE TO BOOK A LESSON NOW.

I’m already looking forward to helping you all with your golf in 2023.

Catch you soon!