Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Golf Ball Alignment

Golf | 30 May, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. This week I want to revisit my first ever blog and newsletter. This was in the first Covid lockdown which seems like a lifetime ago now. It was about using lines on a golf ball to help putting and I now have some exciting products to show you which could really help you knock your scores down with less putts on the course. They can also be used as training aids to help on your putting mat at home.

Golf Balls

Firstly take a look at the following video to see the types of golf ball I’m on about…

Lots of the big brands now are designing golf balls which can really help with lining up putts. I’ve always used a black line with a sharpie to help line up my putts but I’m definately considering switching to a ball which is easier to line up. These are only a few types and colours, there are lots more different designs to choose from and on everything from the entry level balls to the premium ones!

Here are what some of the brands say about the balls I used for this video…

Srixon Q Star Tour Divide

Visual Performance With Contrast Alignment.

Get the power and performance of a true tour golf ball, but play with a softer feel at impact.

This is the all-new Q Star Tour Divide, Srixon’s softest ball with tour-level performance. With the largest core in its class and FastLayer technology, Q Star Tour Divide is fast off the face and long off the tee.

Its new SeRM urethane cover delivers ‘one-hop stop’ control for the ultimate combination of distance and spin. Now featuring a revolutionary thermoplastic urethane cover that is infused with bright pigments. The unique high contrast matte cover provides a 360° alignment aid for those crucial putts, while every shot will produce a strobe effect to help show the speed and direction of spin.

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe

Tour Proven With Effortless Compression.

The new TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls are engineered to respond to your game with effortless compression and tour level technology.

With a 100% urethane cover, it helps generate more short game spin with increased groove interaction. The soft feel comes from a 40 compression core and in addition, the advanced SpeedMantle with HFMq provides speed and distance.

This next-gen visible technology of Tour Response Stripe™ wraps around the center of the golf ball to help you aim putts better, faster and more consistently, all while providing immediate feedback on the quality of your roll. A lime yellow finish offers enhanced visibility.

A high performance 3-piece ball, the Tour Response offers tour level performance, built for the every day golfer.


Even if you didn’t like the thought of using these balls on the course because they might be too distracting, they can still be used as a training aid. If you practice on a real green or on your mat at home, these balls can be used to help you hit straight putts. The idea with any putt is to start it on the intended line. This may not always be the hole. The ball should then roll end-over-end with perfect topspin. With these balls you will know if you have hit a straight putt because you will clearly see the coloured line as it stavells towards the hole. If the line goes blurry there is unwanted sidespin on the ball and it isn’t rolling true towards the hole.


Now the season has started we should all be practicing putting regularly. If you’re not practicing it, it’s likely you’re dropping easy shots. A more premium ball with an alignment guide could really help you this season! If you would like some advice on golf balls or would like to try some of the options we have available, don’t be shy and come into the shop.

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