Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Get Out Of The Rough

Golf | 28 November, 2023


Hello golfers, welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. The weather is still very suspect so getting out onto the course is difficult for both us and the greenkeepers. This means the grass is longer, wetter and thicker than the other seasons. Having the correct ideas for getting out of the rough can help save you shots on the course this time of year. Lets take a look at some examples of lies and then the clubs you should be using to get out of them.

Winter Lies

Have a look at the following lies and the divot for the shots.

What would you have hit from each of those lies if you still had 200 yards left into a par 5? Everyone has their own idea and perception of what club they can get into the back of each lie. The more covered ball for most golfers is a scary looking shot. Advancing it up the fairway and not leaving it in the thick stuff is a success for most people. So how would we best do this? Use a short iron is the simple answer. Using clubs with loft should always be your first choice when you can’t see much of the ball. Hitting it 80 yards into the middle of the fairway is better than 3 yards in front of you still in the rough. The more exposed ball could be a mid iron or even a hybrid/fairway wood. It’s sat up nicely on some fluffy grass so less loft is required. For both a slight divot would be expected. This is because you’re trying to dig it out and therefore be hitting slightly steeper into the back of the ball. The divot shown in the picture was using a pitching wedge.

Tips To Help

  1. Take more loft. This will help get it up in the air quicker.
  2. Move the ball slightly back in the stance. This will ecourage a steeper angle of attack.
  3. Weight slightly into the lead foot. This will also encourage a steeper angle of attack.
  4. Feel like the club lifts sooner to start the backswing. This will stop the club dragging in the rough to start your swing.
  5. Grip the club slightly firmer. This will prevent the club twisting in your hands through impact, closing the clubface.
  6. Hit it “hard”. Don’t be afraid of swinging it fast. This will allow the club to keep cutting through the thick grass.
  7. Take practice swings. Get a feeling of how the club will react as it moves through the grass.


If you’re playing golf on the course at the moment you’re brave and doing a better job than most. Practicing on the range improving technique should be a main priority this time of year but if you are getting out then you can put it into practice. Don’t be afraid of practicing from different lies on the course if you do get a chance. Just make sure to replace your divots or the greenkeepers will be chasing after you.

Don’t be greedy and try to understand which of your clubs work best for you in the thick, wet grass. Some people like hitting irons, other people hybrids. Practice with both and don’t get disheartened if you’re struggling. Pretty much everyone does this time of year.

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Catch you soon.