Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Focus

Golf | 10 May, 2022


Hello golfers and welcome to this weeks tips & tricks. This week I would like to talk you through ways you can focus your mind on the golf course by selecting specific start lines. Training your eyes and brain to see the shot and and then trust the ball flight is very important when it comes to committing to the shot. If you haven’t decided on the type of shot you’re going to hit the shot is already in doubt before you have hit it.

Specific Targets

On Course

When you are out on the course it can be very easy to just stand there and hit a shot without fully committing to it. Choosing a specific start line and seeing the ball finish on the desired line can be very difficult and takes a lot of practice. I played a bit of links golf last weekend at Ashburnham and Machynys. If you haven’t played them get online and have a look, they’re superb. The thing about links golf is usually the added wind. In windy conditions it is inevitable that the ball flight will be affected. Therefore choosing a good start line and letting the wind just do its thing is key to success. Even if there is no wind seeing the ball fly towards a target should be rehearsed and trusted.

Various Targets

The target isn’t always going to be a flag. I try to pick out specific targets for any shot on the course. This target could be a specific tree or marker post. Sometimes there is a bunker on the fairway or a house in the distance. When I played over the weekend every green had a white sign with directions to the next tee box. On some holes this was a good target for start line so the wind would hit it and send it towards the pin.


Before Every shot I stand behind the ball as part of my pre shot routine and run the shaft of the club through the ball towards the desired start line. This tells my brain where I would ideally like the ball to start. I know this isn’t always going to be the case but trusting it helps. People always ask me to get them more consistency in their game. One way you can do this is by following the same process before every shot.

Take a look at the following video to see my pre shot routine and visualisation. There are some different examples of targets you can aim at on the course too.


Golf is a target sport. Learn to hit towards different targets and trust it. When you practice on the range do the same thing. Pick different targets and follow the routine. If you trust routine and trust the start line your brain can be a lot clearer. This relieves any doubt leading to more relaxed and committed golf shots.

If you would like some game management or sport psych advice, or struggle with alignment you know where I am. If you get this right now golf can become lots easier and enjoyable.


Looking forward to seeing you all soon.