Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Driver Fit for Matt

Golf | 17 January, 2024


Hello golfers. Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break and managed to get some practice in. The weather is cold and dry which means golf courses are more likely to be open. We have been very busy here at Windmill and hope to see you down here practicing before the season starts.

This week we have had the arrival of the new 2024 fitting kits for some of our major brands. I would like to share with you the drivers we have and how I went about fitting Matt for a new Driver.

Keep reading to see how it went…

Driver Fitting

Take a look at the following video to see some of the drivers we have available and a brief video of the fit itself…

The drivers shown and the ones that we tried were the Ping G430, Wilson Dynapower, Callaway AI Smoke, Taylormade QI10. We are also putting Titleist in so we will have all of the major brands, that will be available in the coming weeks. Each of which has slightly different head designs aimed at a certain type of golfer with a certain ball flight. Here’s how the fitting process went:

  1. Warm up
  2. Visual test – compare each head to see which is more preferrable
  3. Try some head types
  4. Compare head designs and start trying different shafts
  5. Check data and get feedback
  6. Finalise head design and shaft combo with loft sleeve adjustments
  7. Grip fitting

Matt hit some very long and straight drives with all of the drivers. The numbers and feedback were leading towards two of the heads. The Taylormade QI10 was the longest however the Ping G430 was the straighest. Matt now needs to try them again to decide if he wants to go for maximum distance of more fairways. His grips are standard size but with a few extra layers of tape to thicken the grip slightly. This gave him maximum comfort whilst holding the club.


Now is the time to get fitted for new clubs. It will give you time to practice before the season starts. The new clubs are all more forgiving and potentially longer than the previous models. If your driver is more than a few years old or you have never been custom fit for one I would highly recommend coming to see either myself or Matt very soon.

To book yourself in for a custom fit or a lesson CLICK HERE NOW.

If you need anything you know where I am.

Catch you soon,