Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Check Alignment

Golf | 28 February, 2023


Hello golfers. I hope you’re all well. I actually managed to get out and have a game of golf last weekend and it reminded me of how enjoyable golf can be. The weather was good, the company was great, and suprisingly I played quite well! Having a good round definitely gets the adrenaline going and is something I have missed over the past few months through the winter. Spring is now upon us so the season isn’t far away.

Back to basics this week with a simple reminder of alignment and how to get it dialled in on the range. Lets have a look.


The most important thing when aiming in golf is to get the middle of the clubface pointing at the target line. This may not always be the flag but will be something close to the middle of the green or middle of the fairway. This may seem pretty straight forward but lots of people struggle with this.

Getting some sticks down on the driving range can help with this. Place a ball down on the mat then place a stick either side of it, parallel to the target line. Try to them set the rest of the body parallel to the target line. Parallel body parts should include feet, knees, hips and shoulders. If any of these aren’t parallel there’s a chance the club will ot move in the correct direction during the swing.

When you’re working on direction on the driving range you should always have some sticks down. Creating consitency with alignment and set up on the range will help when you get on the course. If you still miss the target when you know your clubface is straight then you know theres something in your swing to work on.


Don’t neglect alignment. Golf is a target sport and therefore good alignment is critical. If you’re missing targets it could simply be your clubface or body alignment. Use alignment aids and get used to seeing the ball start on the target line.

If you struggle with alignment or would like me to take a look to see why else you’re missing targets then CLICK HERE to book a lesson now.

Catch you soon!