Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Better Posture = Better Golf

Golf | 14 April, 2021


Hello golfers, 

I hope you all enjoyed Masters week last week, we certainly did! I love The Masters as it officially means the golf season has begun. We have all had a tough few months and its great to see some new and familiar faces practicing at Windmill. 

This week we’re going to have a quick recap on posture. I would say in about 90% of my lessons I need to either teach or remind people about their posture and it’s crucial for good golf. I can promise you that every player that was at Augusta on the weekend works very hard on their golfing posture. You can see when they stand to the ball how engaged their core is and then how well they can rotate due to their solid posture. 

I’m going to remind you of an exercise drill that I have spoken about before and continue to use on a daily basis. If you get this right I can promise you, your golf swing will look and feel much better. 

Posture Drill

I have taken this snapshot from my Dr Golf app which is full of useful tips and exercises. 

Start by standing tall with your back against a wall. Place a club on your nose and hold it in place down the front of your body. Step away from the wall slightly, keeping a straight back. Slightly bend the knees then tilt forward from your hips to get into a position like you can see in the image. 

Keeping a straight back with a tilt from the hips means you can rotate effectively around your spine. If you imagine from this position just rotating the shoulders under the chin your body will move into the correct positions. 


I very often see people who have very little pelvic tilt and then have a curved upper back to get into posture. I also see some people who try to stick their bum out causing a bend in the lower back. Both of these can make rotation very difficult leading to compensation and therefore errors in the swing. We all obviously have limitations and if you have issues with your calves, hamstrings, or lower back you will feel the pull when you try this. 

If you practice this drill every time you practice you will see dramatic improvements in your game and it will save me reminding you next time I see you in a lesson!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all do this on the range at Windmill in the coming weeks.

If you would like me to check your posture or would like to know if posture is the reason for your missed shots get yourself booked in for a lesson now…