Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Beat the Heat

Golf | 12 July, 2022


Hello golfers. Welcome to this week’s tips & tricks. Firstly, how good is this weather?! This week has been hot and perfect for playing golf. Some would say it’s a bit hot but i’m definitely not complaining. This week I would like to make summer golf more enjoyable for you. I’m going to give you a checklist of things that make golf more enjoyable in the summer months and some could hopefully improve your game.

Summer Golf

We don’t get it very often so lets not complain when it gets unbearably hot. The driving range has been a bit sweaty but lots of you have been braving the heat to practice and have lessons. I love the warm weather and would like it to stay like this a little longer.

Take a look at the following video and then we can look at the points covered…


Water, squash, sports drinks. Get them into you! Try to make it a habit that you have a drink on every tee or as you come off every green. If you’re feeling organised try to remember to freeze a bottle the night before. As the day goes on the drink will melt and you will have a cold drink for the whole round! Genius I know.

Try to take on fuel also. I know lots of people lose their appetite in the warm weather but try to get some cereal bars or fruit into the system as you make your way around. Avoid chocolate! There’s nothing more messy or disappointing than a melted mars bar on the 15th tee.


Protect your skin. Factor 50 is going to prevent short term sunburn and long term sun damage. When you’re out on the course for 4 hours with little to no protection you’re leaving yourself exposed. Try to wear a hat to protect the top of your head and sometimes an umbrella works as a sun protector as well as a rain protector.

Some people like wearing sunglasses, others don’t. I like wearing sunglasses to play golf but sometimes take them off to read greens and putt. I especially like wearing shades when the sun is dropping and at the same height as the ball flight. The sun isn’t quite so blinding then.


Caddies on tour wet half a towel before they head onto the course. Keeping your grooves clean will help create more spin on the ball and a wet towel can help get the dirt and dust off your clubface. If it’s good enough for the caddies on tour it’s going to help you.


A new glove, a clean glove and a spare glove are all essential for good feel. There’s nothing worse than a sweaty, smelly, year old glove on the first tee. That’s not going to make you feel like a proper golfer. Try to rotate your gloves and dry them out when you’re done with them. In extreme cases, some people use wet weather or all weather gloves in the summer because the sweat is just as bad as the rain.


Clean balls and new balls also help with control and spin. The correct type of ball can also improve your game dramatically. If you are using a hard, dirty ball in the dry ground conditions, you will lack ball control. More spin and a softer ball will help the ball stop quicker on the hard, dry greens giving more control and improving scores. Use your wet towel to clean the ball on the tee and the green.


As previously mentioned a sweaty grip can be just as dangerous as the rain. Having clean grips with plenty of traction will help to stop you squeezing the club too hard. If your grips lack grip you will want to hold it tighter to stop the club flying out of your sweaty hands. If you haven’t considered having your clubs re-gripped, there’s no better time than now. Speak to myself or one of the team to discuss the best size and texture for you and your game.

Save Energy

Golf is hard and tiring at the best of times. When it’s 25*-30* and you have 3 litres of water, carrying your bag is exhausting. Using a push/pull trolley or even better, an electric trolley make golf a lot more enjoyable. You can conserve energy and concentrate more on your game. You can take as many fluids as you want and not worry about the strain on your body. I very rarely carry my bag throughout the year but I can’t begin to imagine how hard it would be in extreme heat.


Enjoy the weather while it lasts! Try to get out as much as you can now because before we know it the clock will change, it will be -5* and snowing and we will be wishing for some nice weather in the spring.

Be organised, treat yourself to some bits and bobs that make golf more enjoyable, stay hydrated, protect your skin and enjoy yourself.

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