Josh’s Tips & Tricks: Accelerate!

Golf | 24 November, 2021


Hello golfers and welcome to this weeks tips & tricks. If you haven’t seen the new shop yet where have you been?! We are getting settled in and it feels great to be operating out of a brand new and fully stocked shop. If you haven’t come to say hello yet come and have a look.

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This week we are going to look at something very simple but very important. In the game assessments that I have done already I have seen a fair few people not committing to hitting through the back of the ball and slowing down for less than full shots. One simple thought could help you with you ball striking through these winter months.


There are many different ways to vary how far the golf ball travels. Before even making a swing the club selection is important. More lofted clubs are not designed for distance so learning to control distance with a shorter distance to the pin is crucial.

I have seen lots of people using clubs with too little loft when pitching. Then people tend to make a very large backswing, like their full swing, and try to slow it down through the downswing. On the golf course this can often lead to the club getting caught up in the grass, especially if its thick and wet.

Try to make a swing that has a similar length of backswing and follow through. Also try to always accelerate the club through the back of the ball. You are better off making a smaller backswing and longer follow through than the other way around. Try to make sure that the momentum of the clubhead is cutting through the grass and the weight is shifting towards the target. Try to shift the weight into the lead foot and hold it.

The best players in the world produce lots of spin around the greens. One of the main reasons for this is because of the amount of speed they deliver through the back of the ball. Don’t be scared of producing speed with the clubhead when pitching. More confidence in this part of the game will improve you score and confidence through the rest of the bag.


Firstly come and check out the new shop! Secondly book in for my FREE game assessment. Thirdly always accelerate through the back of the ball. Choose an appropriate club and make a length of swing suitable for the shot you’re trying to play.

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