The facility has been designed to give you an all year round, floodlit facility suitable to work on your putting, chipping & pitching skills alongside your driving range practice.

The green has been designed by Southwest Greens in conjunction with Jack Nicklaus Golf design. Nicklaus Design, the world-leading golf design company. Not only providing their prestigious design ‘know-how’ but now boasting a premier turf range, exclusively manufactured for the SWG by Nicklaus Design brand.

The Southwest Green short game practice facility by Nicklaus design has incorporated undulations, curves and flats only replicated on the finest natural grass golf courses. The construction incorporating over 1200 tonnes of materials replicates the ball reaction in terms of reception, roll and bounce enabling golfers to improve on their short game without the worry of divot repairs, dark evenings or diverse weather conditions.

This facility is open to the public and is used by County squads and golfers of all ability levels, especially in the winter months when real grass is not an option.

We have a variety of chipping/pitching pods & platforms for you to practice “bump & runs”, “lob shots” as well as the standard skills. You can practice from the side of the green or or play pitching shots up to 30 yards.

The area has a variety of slopes also so you can work on your green reading skills & with such a large surface area give a great opportunity to work on your distance control. The green reacts on landing exactly like a tour green & the green speed is similar. The green can be used individually, for just £7.50 per hour although even better, if you’re a member it’s FREE!

Justin Rose has one of these greens!:

“I think a Southwest Putting Green for any professional golfer is an investment, we all spend money on coaches, physiotherapists all this sort of stuff, but spending a little money on a putting green to me is probably the best investment that you can make. Just giving yourself the opportunity to putt a couple more hours each day is going to translate in to your being a better player. Coming down the stretch your knocking one putt in can help yourself ten times over in the right tournament, for me as I said I think Southwest Putting Green is an investment in your golf game, no doubt.”

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